Brew-Magic 2X System



SABCO is very proud to introduce the Brew-Magic 2X RIMS Pilot System. Nearly two years in design testing, the 2X,  just like our flagship Brew-Magic V350MS system, offers the same professional level pilot brewing experience, however includes some newly added features as follows:

  • Lower configuration frame for easy kettle access and observation.  (See inset photos) (91.5″L x 25″W x 5.0′ T with kettles)
  • 30 gallon kettles for batch sizes of 10 – 25 gal. (0.8 Bbl)
  • Kettle volume graduations are very visibly etched into the back of each. (Gal & Liter)
  • Powerful low pressure jet burners for each kettle (LP or NG).  (up to 160,000 btu ea.)
  • Electronic, push-button spark igniter for each burner… convenient and quick.
  • As with the famous original Brew-Magic, the V350 touchscreen controller is standard equipment with SABCO’s latest edition MagicSoft pilot software for recipe management and amazingly repeatable brewing.
  • Like Brew-Magic all kettles have heavy, stainless burner plates which are removable for easy cleanup.

Brew-Magic System by SABCO is the first ever RIMS brewery. These have been lab tested by brewing scientists and field tested in over 40 countries with more than 3000 in current service. Find them in the very largest major breweries, food science universities, community colleges. and the proudest brew-caves everywhere.  Please read the long history and join the Brew-Magic Family.

Shipping Policy:  Brew-Magic 2X is shipped via common carrier on a customized pallet. When purchasing this system online, note that we shall not calculate freight or process your order until we can contact you first and obtain your authorization for shipping. SABCO ships around the world and our shipping rates are very good. We shall work with you to determine the most convenient yet least expensive method of transportation. Due to the overall size of the shipping pallet (+/- 99″x 60″), lift gate service cannot be used for delivery. Alternate solutions for your area may possibly be arranged. These may include a “driver assist” plan to break-down the pallet while still on the trailer, then hand components down to your assistants. Ideally, you may have the use of a fork-lift at the destination. As an alternate solution, we can forward the unit to a nearby terminal where you can pickup using a borrowed or rented small trailer. With any solution, we suggest that you have an assistant or two for the unloading process. Once again, we will seek your approval for any best option.

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