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BrewMagic V350MS

The perfect system for opening that new pub.

Designed as a pro-level pilot system for recipe development, the Brew-Magic V350MS speaks the language of advanced brewers who desire a higher level of consistency, sanitation, and professional quality.



Brew-Magic is the culmination of 5 years of research by Brewing scientists and Master Brewers as well as the creation of four highly engineered prototypes.

The project’s original purpose was to ‘design away’ those brewing characteristics previously determined to be less than repeatable for small batch brewing operations. Procedural as well as mechanical aspects of beer production were each considered, and in turn ‘re-developed’ to eliminate inconsistencies. These included wort handling technique, temperature control, stratification issues  (heat layering), hot- side aeration, caramelizing, stirring effects and brewer recipe recall.  The system employs specific RIMS (recirculating infusion techniques which are modified to limit inconsistent brewer activity and less than repeatable activities.

Process Flow Control

  • Milled grain is suspended in the mash kettle above a false bottom.
  • Prepared water is added in a unique fashion to place the grain in a fully saturated state of ‘equilibrium’ with similar quantities of liquid above and below.
  • Control valves are positioned to allow flow of liquid from under the false bottom through the system pump and on-board electronic heat exchanger.
  • Liquid is returned to the top of the mash bed in a controlled gentle whirlpool that insures a smooth, uniform distribution of heat without aeration.
  • System kettles have a convex bottom along with a centrally located siphon. This provide a constant directed motion of liquid without hot-spots within the vessel unlike flat bottomed design kettles. Potential caramelizing effects from heated surfaces are eliminated.
  • The Brew-Magic System recirculates the liquid wort (not grain) from and back to the mash. A specifically designed pump is used for this purpose. Pump impeller design, RPM, flow rate and tube diameter are all necessary considerations for the control of the smooth wort handling characteristics of this system.

Temperature Control

  • The wort liquid temperature is monitored by a Unitronics V350 color touch-screen controller as it flows from the mash kettle.
  • SABCO’s ‘patent-pending’ MagicSoft programming, keeps your recipe information in view while monitoring and automatically adjusting temperature to meet recipe step-times.   Current and target temperature, brewer notes, step-time intervals, pump activations, graphic temperature gradients,  etc. are all easily viewable. Brewers can write, name and save recipe files for future playback with full self control.
  • Kettle liquid temperatures are assisted by efficient ring style burners located under each kettle. Each has its individual control valve.
  • Final precise acquisition of the desired mash temperature is achieved without the use of the burner.  Brew-Magic’s fully flooded and vented electronic heat exchanger is automatically brought into play by the MagicSoft programming. The V350 controller locks and holds the temperature during the mashing process. Desirable step mashes are easily accomplished.
  • During this ‘managed’ mash temperature cycle, the system’s circulation action has ‘spent’ the grain without stirring, foaming, or adding other unwanted variables. Heat stratification  is eliminated within the mash by utilizing Brew-Magic’s smooth flow design. The grain bed remains undisturbed throughout the mashing procedure and acts as a static filter for circulating wort. This creates an amazingly clean finish runoff.

The Finish

  • Heated sparge water is directed to the pump for re-distribution back to the top of the mash kettle in the form of a gentle whirlpool.
  • As clean liquid descends from the top through the grain for a final rinse, the richest wort under the false bottom is then directed via siphon, into the boil kettle. Yield efficiency is excellent and typically exceeds other brewing system designs.
  • As wort is being boiled, the brewer can set up and begin another mash. This feature is a great advantage when consecutive batches are desired.


Brew-Magic is a ‘semi-automated’ Recirculating Infusion Mash System (RIMS).

It was designed and extensively tested by master-brewers and the late, great brewing-scientist Dr. George Fix himself (author of Principles of Brewing Science). Their goal was to create a precise, repeatable all-grain brewery to serve as both a pilot brewing system for dependable recipe development, as well as a small batch production brewery for the advanced amateur or professional brewer. After five years of prototyping and testing Brew-Magic was further developed and marketed by SABCO. The system is rich with user friendly controls, careful wort handling characteristics, microprocessor/PLC controlled mash temperatures, and stainless sanitary welded construction. Brew-Magic Brewing System is currently the most desirable small batch pilot system in use today. With over 3, 000 in current use in over 25 countries globally, it has single handedly started more new commercial brewing establishments than most every other system put together. For this reason, it is typically considered commercial brewing equipment. However, as advanced amateurs demand more sophisticated all grain brewing equipment, Brew-Magic is often found in the home brewery as well.

Look for Brew-Magic in most any all grain brewing environment including large brewer laboratories, university food science departments, micros, pubs, ‘Brew-on-Premise’ establishments, restaurants, advanced home-brew clubs, and ‘hobby-havens’ everywhere! The ‘Brew-Magic Methodology’ for wort handling is world renowned! The applied techniques with this system have proven themselves for over 25 years and continue to set the standard for pilot system high quality and repeatability. Small batch production is particularly vulnerable to brewer ‘over-control’. Semi-automation allows perfect, repeatable control with minimal brewer involvement and unintentional inconsistency. For more information about the advantages of using SABCO’s Brew-Magic Brewing System, please contact us today! Continuous field studies worldwide have resulted in an equally continuous program by SABCO for improving this already “proven” brewing system.

The Brew-Magic V350MS System provides:

  • One tenth ( 1/10 ) degree temperature control accuracy. Gas Fired burners plus built-in electronic heat exchanger. Use the burner to assist in getting near the desired target temp., then the controller will take over to tune the temperature precisely.
  • Complete elimination of stratified layers of heat within the Mash without stirring. Superb Mash-Temp uniformity throughout.
  • A ‘No-Stir’, static grain bed. RIMS action circulates wort through the grain without brewer inconsistency.
  • Higher yield efficiencies than standard systems.
  • Lab tested ‘Zero’ caramelization or hot-side aeration. All wort handling is done without showers or bubbles.

Be sure to closely examine the following advantage which is exclusive to this amazing system:

  • The Vision 350 Color Touchscreen PLC by Unitronics, along with SABCO’s comprehensive pilot-programming ‘MagicSoft’ TM, utilizes your recipe files to create semi-automated, repeatable brewing sessions.
  • The recipe’s prescribed step temperatures, mash step-times, brewer notes, ingredient list, hop additions, coutdown clock timing,  are all saved with the brewer’s decided recipe name for future repeat brewing.
  • The brewer may than perform a precision ‘RE-PLAY’ of the recipe file, with semi-automated activation of several brewing functions.
  • The brewer may choose from many stored recipes within the V350’s onboard memory. Then the brewer may load the file to precisely repeat the saved recipe once again.
  • The controller automatically initiates the time intervals, apply the recipe temperature settings and then audio-prompts and displays the brewer’s own notes in exact order and time.
  • Saved recipe files can be called up via WiFi to any device for monitoring during the brewing process.  You may edit the recipe remotely, then save or share the file with others via your device.
  • Once modified, the new recipe file may now replace the original, and be used again in the future.

Compare and discover why professionals choose ‘Brew-Magic’:

  • Stainless, sanitary welded fittings and connections for easy cleaning. We Do Not use ‘Bulk-Head’, gasketed fittings.
  • Pharmaceutical, Tri-Clamp fittings at all disconnection points. (e.g. temp.gauges, site glasses, kettles, siphons, etc).
  • Safety ground fault circuitry, (110V), UL rated wiring design, gasketed enclosure, and emergency stop button.
  • Heavy-duty, baked enamel frame with stainless, removable kettle deck plating.
  • Very heavy-duty, polished, stainless kettles with protective skirting that protects the smooth kettle surfaces from denting.
  • Smooth handles for easy lifting.
  • Other than the Mash and Boil kettles, the entire system is ‘CIP’ ( clean-in-place ) easy to maintain.
  • Complete manufacturer and satisfaction warranty by SABCO …  54 years of brewing industry experience


Thank you for a wonderful system. I finished my 10th running of the system (a back-to-back batch of Porter) and have to say that the ease of use just keeps getting better and smoother with each batch. A huge thanks from me and others at Ancient Lakes Brewing Company.

– Ancient Lakes Brewing Company

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that the Sabco Brew-Magic System is working great, and we couldn’t be more happy with it. In fact, Deep Ellum Brewing Company is featured in a story and video that will appear on “The Feast” website and we feature our pilot Sabco prominently in the video in which we describe the process and how we use it. We also gave it very high marks as the finest pilot brewing system money can buy. I wanted to be sure you were aware that we were singing your praises. Thanks again for taking such good care of us and for making such a fabulous system.

– Jim Piel, Deep Ellum Brewing Company (Dallas, TX)

This BM has been awesome to brew on, and I have been working with investors to open up a brewpub with this baby in the near future. Here in Cincinnati I have been helping guys with their new BM’s to get starting brewing and you will always find me on the forum helping out and getting feedback. Thanks!

– Kevin Moreland

I got it today, have it assembled and did a water only run through the system to get used to the controls. Even more impressed than when I ordered! I can’t find one cheap part or area that a corner was cut. I know that’s how it’s advertised, but it’s hard to find these days. Hoping to get some grains through it tomorrow. Thanks again!

Just wanted to thank you guys again (and send a picture of me mid-brew). Your system is, in a word incredible, both in terms of effectiveness and ease of use. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Keep up the good work!

It’s been almost two months and I would have written sooner except for all the fun I’ve been having on the Brew-Magic Wonder factory! Since returning from Siebel and personally picking up the system at your plant, I have brewed an IPA, a robust porter, an American wheat, an Irish ale, a raspberry Belgian, and another Irish cream ale: almost one a week. The system is such that I can make subtle changes to recipes and be able to note the differences. Certainly an integral part of recipe development for my brewpub. Also, I want to tell you how impressed I am with the quality of work and materials. Even the packaging was top-notch and the trip home in the trailer – bouncing and all – had no ill effect. I’ll be calling soon with some ideas and special requests for extra parts! Hmmm…what will I brew next?! Best to you and the SABCO team!

This email is just a thumb’s up for using Unitronics on your “Brew Magic” System. I am a home-brew enthusiast and Automation Engineer, when I saw your ad in BYO magazine I could instantly pin point the Unitronics v350 PLC. I build composite material processing equipment and solely use Unitronics PLC. I also have given thoughts of a brewing setup (home use not for sale) using a Unitronics PLC, but you guys beat me to the chase. Looks like your system is spot on and with the addition of your Magic-Soft program it’s seems unbeatable.

My husband and I bought a new Sabco Brew Magic system last February. We had been home-brewing on our stovetop and wanted to get more serious and start brewing all grain recipes (with hopes of maybe a career in brewing some day…). We have brewed quite a few batches on this over the last year and are in LOVE with this system. It is more amazing than even described online. It’s easy to use and the repeatability is unreal. Our skills have increased tenfold by using this system. We have brewed both 5 gallon and 10 gallon batches with ease that includes many different styles. Our efficiency on most all of our beers is around 83% or above. We have brewed wheat beers with a huge wheat grain bill and have yet to have a problem with a stuck mash. I highly recommend this system to anyone who is interested in taking home-brewing to the next level and brewing consistently great beers. It is expensive, but is a quality system that is worth the price for us.

We’re loving our Brew-Magic System it’s so slick and so well put together and thought out. I’ve been producing some delicious brews.

I’m a year, and over 100 gallons, into the Brew-Magic, and wanted to let you know I love it. Your team clearly paid great attention to detail in construction, packaging, documentation and delivery. I’m still finding small details in design where I think, “this was a smart way to do this”, often where you could have cut a corner an I might not have noticed, except after batch 25, and then only maybe. Thanks for that.



Here’s a few of the many things that make repeatability so difficult:

  • Poor temperature control
  • Stratification of heat in the mash
  • Grain husk effects caused by stirring
  • Caramelizing effects from heated surfaces
  • Chronic low yields
  • Hot-side aeration
  • Frothing and foaming
  • Turbid runoffs
  • Poor grain mixing along with tannin astringency effects
  • ‘Stuck’ mashes
  • Bacterial infection from poor equipment
  • Less than repeatable brewer methodology
  • Stirring effects and inconsistent brewer technique

Back in the early nineties, several complex brewing issues made small batch production less than reliable.

Pubs and Micros which were appearing around the country were busy attempting to develop recipes that could help them ‘stake a claim’ in the newly forming craft brewing business. Brewers have always been interested in using less expensive, small scale systems for recipe experimentation purposes. Obviously a 10-15 gallon experiment is far less costly than a 500 gallon version of the same thing.

Cost savings like this certainly permits more freedom to try alternate ideas to finely tune recipes to perfection. The use of large brewing systems for such purposes typically resulted in the discarding of huge quantities of undesirable product as well as a huge monetary loss in the process. The search for a truly repeatable small batch pilot brewing system was underway.

At the same time and in similar fashion, home brewers were arming themselves with stove pots and plastic coolers in an attempt to re-create last year’s favorite holiday brew. In spite of a well written recipe however, brewing an exact duplicate of the original beer was highly improbable. Home-brewers simply could not make the same product twice in a row!

‘Small-Batch’ brewing with ‘small batch’ repeatability was not to be found.

After 5 years of trial, 4 prototypes and laboratory testing by brewing scientists, the development of the first Brew-Magic System changed it all! Repeatable, predictable brews were not only possible, but also easy to perform.



  • Model Name Brew-Magic V350-MS Brewing System® (Patent Pending)
  • Controller Type Unitronics Vision 350 Touchscreen, 3-1/2″, 256 color, QVGA, Industrial type
  • Software ‘Magic-Soft®’ (Patent Pending) programming
  • Kettle type Heavy-duty stainless, 15.5 gallons with handles
  • Kettle setup Boil (lower), Mash (center), Sparge HL (right)
  • Connector type Stainless, 1/2″ Pharmaceutical quality Tri-Clamp
  • Frame type Commercial duty, powder coat, baked enamel
  • Frame kettle decking Stainless steel, removable for easy cleanup
  • Frame Casters Heavy duty swivel, two of the four are locking type (4.5″ T)
  • Brewery Size (with Casters) 74.5″ Long x 62.5″ High x 20″ Wide
  • Deck Height Upper deck 39.5″ Lower deck 18″
  • Height to top of upper kettles 62.5″
  • Height to top of lower kettle 41.25″
  • Weight 289 Lbs.

More Details

  • Brewing Capacity 5-14 gallons per batch. A second batch can be mashing while the first is boiling. This allows consecutive, rapid brewing procedures for volume production.
  • Electrical Requirements System is available in two electrical versions For North America 120V, 15 Amp, 1800 Watt, 60 Cycle, Grounded. For International Customers 230V, 1.2kW, 50Hz, Grounded. For those needing to use the 120V version in countries with 230V, a step-down transformer is available and is sold separately.
  • Gas Burner Type Total of three cast ring, diffusion type burners (one under each kettle) with fully adjustable air mix venting.
  • Gas Requirements Brew-Magic can be prepared by SABCO for use with your choice of either Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LP).
  • Gas Hosing included With NG systems 10 ft. outdoor NG hose, with 3/8″ Male and Female Quick Connectors. With LP systems” 4 ft. outdoor LP hose with American bottle gas connector. ( LP Hose not included with foreign shipments.)
  • Gas Hourly BTU input rating 65,000.
  • Normal manifold gas pressure for Natural (NG) Gas 7″ (inches) water column.
  • Normal manifold gas pressure for Propane (LP) Gas 11″ (inches) water column.
  • Ventilation Requirements For indoor use, consult fire authorities for local rules governing CFM requirements based upon room size and usage. These rules change from state to state and apply to both exhaust as well as inlet (fresh-air) management.
  • Safety Ratings CSA International Certification Class No 2712 07 Gas Food Service Equipment, File No 250289. ANS Z83.11b-2009, CSA1.8b-2009 Food Service Equip. ( USA & Canada approved for commercial indoor usage. ). The Brew-Magic V350MS System also has international CE certification for conformity with EMC Directive ( 89/336/EEC ) as well as Machinery Directive ( 89/392/EEC ) in accordance to ISO/IEC Guide 22.

Shipping Information

  • Standard Shipping Carton Size 86″ Long X 48″ Wide X 52″ Tall
  • Standard Shipping Weight 420 Lbs.
  • Overseas Shipping Crate Size 90″ Long X 49″ Wide X 60″ Tall
  • Overseas Weight 600 Lbs.

Note Shipping dimensions and weight may vary if additional items are added to the order.

Foreign Shipments out of the USA

SABCO utilizes an excellent export agent to handle the paperwork and transport of the shipment to your desired port of entry. You may also choose your own forwarder to handle all transportation of the equipment from SABCO, Toledo, OH. Either way, once a shipment arrives at your port, it is most typically moved to a holding area until it can be cleared by customs in your country. Be advised that SABCO does not prepare documentation for customs clearance other than normal export documentation and commercial invoice. SABCO cannot advise you regarding possible customs laws or regulations, nor be responsible for advising information regarding duties, taxes, port fees, port handling fees, etc. that may become discovered before or after the arrival of the shipment in your country. Some countries highly regulate the importation of machinery, brewing or food related equipment and alcohol beverages. SABCO strongly recommends that importation of all brewing related equipment be handled by a professional import agent in your country. Such an agent should be hired by you, and be trusted to advise you of local law, expected fees and expenses, and possible customs concerns. The agent shall protect your interests prior to shipping from the USA, and then after arrival at your port of entry. SABCO shall coordinate all paperwork with your agent in order to assure that there will be no surprises, or delays in receiving your equipment.