Brew-Magic XL System

Brew-Magic XL System

Now in final testing by SABCO. Specially designed for pilot use and new pub openings, the Brew-Magic XL, 1 BBL, RIMS design has some amazing features. Brew with the best! SABCO



SABCO is pleased to announce the Brew-Magic XL, 1 barrel RIMS system!

Since 1990 brewers world-wide have enjoyed the extreme reliability and repeatability of the Brew-Magic V350MS system. With over 3500 of these units in the hands of advanced brewers, pubs, micros, food science universities, and major brewer laboratories, many have asked for the next largest size so that more volume can be produced on brew day.

It’s difficult to match the technical ability of the original system. After all, it took 5 years of prototyping by brewing scientists. For this reason, SABCO has no intention whatsoever of halting production of this popular system. It has been said that single-handedly, Brew-Magic has opened more pubs and micros than any other brewing system. We have no reason to doubt this statement.


The Brew-Magic XL is designed for commercial start-up pub and/or pilot use. Simply said, this is not intended for home-brew usage, however any HB club or organization would find this to be the ultimate future brew-house.


Brew-Magic XL RIMS Brewing System by SABCO

  • SABCO Brew-Magic® RIMS technology. Full pro-level sanitary construction.
  • Single tier, 3 kettles, 304SS, ( HLT, Mash (with grain-dump trunnion), Boil )
  • System Size: 106″L, 31″W, 56″H, Stainless, commercial use, heavy framing on 6x adjustable height casters. (2x locking)
  • System Weight: 577 lbs.  Controller Console Weight: 36 lbs.
  • Kettle Capacity: 52.3 US Gal. (198 Liter) (1.69 Bbl)
  • Kettle Size: 23.5″ inside diameter, 27.6″ tall with 3 layer heat dispersion bottom.
  • Kettles have SS removable lids, easy carry handles and laser etched volume (Gal/Liter) graduations.
  • Mobile Controller Console: Size: 26″D Tripod, 44.5″H with lockable casters
  • Controller type: Unitronics, HD, 7″, 16:9 Ratio LCD Touchscreen with amazing features:
    > 800 x 480 resolution screen, 16-bit color spectrum, and a white LED backlight
    > Brewing prompts are audible with the PLC’s built in speakers and buzzer
    > Session summary, Mash and HLT set points, can be sent to your email with built in email functionality.
    > Use your tablet, computer, or phone to control your PLC with a VNC viewer!
  • Pump Motors: 2x. Magnetic drive, centrifugal, sanitary SS design. FDA compliant, UL components.
  • Power Requirements: 240V, 30A twist-lock outlet
  • Heating Capability:
    > HLT, immersion type. Fully touch screen controllable via RTD sensor
    > Independent fuel gas (NG or LP) jet-burner for each kettle. Adjustable flow rate valves

    > SABCO exclusive RIMS, (recirculating) electronic heat exchanger precisely tunes and maintains Mash kettle to within 1/2 deg. F of programmed target temperature without the use of fuel gas.

  • Class A, RTD sensors for each kettle. Touch screen monitoring
  • Full CIP cleaning following easy Mash dump and Boil hose-out.
  • Complete brewer control for several functions:
  • Full system easy pump priming
  • HLT delivery of liquid to either top or bottom of Mash
  • SABCO’s exclusive MagicSoft programming (Patent Pending), keeps recipe data in full view at all times. Monitor all functions by touch screen or remotely via your mobile device.
  • Write, Name, Re-Name and save recipe files for future use with full control.
  • Simultaneous tracking of multiple batches. Boil while you mash a 2nd batch. Hop addition timing, along with mash step monitoring can all be accomplished at the same time.
  • Kettle temperatures are RTD monitored via touch-screen.
  • No aeration (HSA), caramelization, or heat layering effects with Brew-Magic RIMS technology
  • Controlled sparge distribution along with the most concentrated wort retrieval to boil kettle. Efficiency levels are consistently the best in the industry.
  • Desirable step mashes are easily accomplished with countdown clock timing and automated temperature tuning within 1/2 Deg. F.
  • Fully adjustable whirlpool
  • Easy Mash kettle grain removal with SABCO’s built-in tip and dump design


SABCO is in final testing of this remarkable system at this time. Reserve yours today!

Call SABCO at : 419-531-5347 for further details and expected shipping release date.