Craft-Brewer RIMS System

The Craft Brewer RIMS System incorporates SABCO's amazing Brew-Magic methodologies, while retaining the same sanitary, high quality production techniques.



The key to professional level brewing is consistency.

Small batch brewing is reasonably easy if you intend to brew one single batch.   Attempting to produce an identical 2nd batch tends to be a more difficult endeavor for reasons that confound even the most skilled brewers.  The brewing process is unfortunately ‘awash’  with subtle variables that occur without notice.   Mis-handling of the wort causes off-flavors. Temperature fluctuation may cause inconsistent flavor profiles.  Heated surfaces can inflict caramelization. Stirring can modify grain and release tannins. Then there is hot side aeration, poor sanitation from un-cleanable bacteria traps.. etc… etc.  The list continues.

The more of these variables that a brewer can eliminate, the better the product tends to become. . . brewers become more organized and breweries become more brew-consistent.  Every brewer assumes that repeatability is as simple as making the same recipe the same way.   Professionals are the first to explain that it’s simply not that easy.  Good equipment can help to eliminate fluctuations in temperature and wort handling issues.   Even the best equipment can fall short however, if it is not followed with consistent brewer actions.

You’ll find that all disconnect points on SABCO’s RIMS systems utilize sanitary tri-clamp design for ease of cleaning and handling.  SABCO uses only pro-preferred sanitary welded plumbing joints.  We never use threaded ‘bulkhead-type’ siphons and attachments.  When you eliminate places for bacteria to hide, in-turn you improve your ability to properly sanitize your kettles.  Like the Brew-Magic, the Craft-Brewer System layout uses a single pump with a boil kettle tiered at a lower level to allow gravity flow at the brewer’s controlled flow rate.   Smart and consistent.

Since 1990  SABCO’s Brew-Magic System has gone on to become the most highly desired small batch system on a global scale.   SABCO is pleased to offer the same Brew-Magic RIMS ( recirculating ) methodology with the  Craft-Brewer System.  The kettle design is exactly the same as Brew-Magic’s except for the location of the mash temp gauge.  This RIMS  (recirculating) methodology that has proven itself to thousands worldwide with the famous Brew-Magic V series system.  Craft-Brewer RIMS System is a superb entry level approach to sophisticated brewing.   Anyone can buy pots and burners.  These kettles however, have been extensively designed to move wort gently and evenly for circulation back to a saturated grainbed.

Brew-Magic methodology brings a no stir environment without heat layering or caramelization effects.  The grain remains a static filter and the runoff to the boil kettle is spectacularly clear.   The Craft-Brewer System, like Brew-Magic, improves quality and consistency while limiting brewer input error.

As you improve your skill level,  SABCO invites you to improve your equipment along the way by adding upgrades to your Craft-Brewer System.   Also,  SABCO offers several, complete system layouts that can get increasingly  sophisticated equipment in your hands immediately, to meet your current skill level and pocket-book.

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Brew with the best!

The below listed components are included with the Craft-Brewer RIMS System.

  • Brew-Magic Boil Kettle
  • Brew-Magic HLT Kettle
  • Brew-Magic Mash Kettle
  • 4x Sanitary Ball Valves
  • 3x Tri-Clamp Connector Hoses – 5 ft.
  • Tri-Clamp Elbow
  • 2x TC Adapters  (1/2″FIP x 1/2″ TC)
  • 3x Stainless Kettle Burners
  • High Temp. March 815 SS Pump (stainless housing)
  • Portable GFCI Switch (hard wired)
  • 2x Tri-Clamp Kits

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