Pro-Brewer RIMS System

Looking for a brewing system with Brew-Magic capabilities but a bit less expensive? Take a serious look at SABCO's Pro-Brewer RIMS System!



So often brewers look for a less expensive way to acquire the best of what Brew-Magic has to offer. The RIMS Pro-Brewer System by SABCO is as close as you will get without taking the final plunge to the classic Brew-Magic V350MS.  Each of these great systems share several similarities.  The kettles are Brew-Magic design quality.  The frame is the same commercial duty, low pressure design.  Both can be adapted for either LP ( liquid propane ) or NG ( natural gas ).  Both use the same pump,  along with the same accurate and precise, Class A, RTD probe along with an excellent temperature controller.  Both Brew-Magic and the RIMS Pro-Brewer utilize the same, all stainless electronic heat exchanger to micro-adjust recirculating wort temperatures to within 0.5 F.  ( 1/2 degree ).  Both utilize all tri-clamp, sanitary disconnect points for superb ease of handling and cleaning.  Both have completely CIP ( clean in place ) convenience.

Regarding the applied RIMS methodology between RIMS Pro-Brewer and Brew-Magic . . . you guessed it.  The SAME!     The RIMS-Wizard system imitates the Brew-Magic’s precision repeatability in a smart, portable package that can be quickly packed up and taken on the road.

The Pro-Brewer System comes with all stainless plumbing and sanitary tri-clamp connections.    Brew-Magic and Pro-Brewer both are equipped with the same commercial design low pressure burners.

RIMS Pro-Brewer will save you approximately $745 when compared with the Brew-Magic V350MS System.  If you feel that this will be insignificant when divided into the years of your future brewing, then we strongly suggest that you take a 2nd look at Brew-Magic.

The frame also included a convenient side-shelf on the right side.  This is where you’ll put the RIMS-Wizard for convenient control and viewing.

Pro-Brewer is aptly name ‘Pro’ for good reason.   This is a pro-level system that offers superbly repeatable brewing with temperature perfect capability, and durability to last for years to come. . . Portable, sanitary, and easy to clean.

Looking for that ‘less expensive Brew-Magic?   The Pro-Brewer RIMS System by SABCO is what you’ve been looking for!

Below find the component list for the PRO-BREWER RIMS System.   This is a full featured package.

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Brew With The Best!

The Pro-Brewer RIMS System comes equipped with all of the following great components. Click on the inset component photo above for a closer view.

  • Brew-Magic Mash Kettle
  • Brew-Magic Boil Kettle
  • Brew-Magic HLT Kettle
  • Brew-Magic System – Full stainless wort plumbing package ( see photo )
  • RIMS-Wizard System by SABCO
  • Brew-Magic Frame (includes system burners and manifold. (LP or NG gas)
  • Frame – Side shelf assembly for RIMS WIZARD
  • Complete hosing and connector package hardware
  • 3x Stainless Kettle Lids.  Style may vary.

Component View

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