Pub-Brewer RIMS System

The PUB-BREWER RIMS System by SABCO, adds the remarkable RIMS-WIZARD system which provides precision electronic temperature control and pump combination without wasting propane to maintain your target. Rims-Wizard employs the same, world tested methodology as the SABCO's amazing BREW-Magic V350MS pilot. Brew with the best!



Serious brewers eventually seek more control over their recipes.  A favorite recipe is certainly worth repeating!

Controlling variables is key to successfully ‘tuning’ any brew-recipe. Commercial quality consistency likewise demands such control. Having said this, SABCO is pleased to introduce the ‘PUB-BREWER’ RIMS  SYSTEM.   This is a step up from our CRAFT-BREWER SYSTEM and adds another level of sophistication to the brewing process which further improves wort handling characteristics and temperature control. All three kettles are identical to the Brew-Magic System. Only the location of the Mash kettle temp gauge has been changed. Like the amazing ‘Brew-Magic V350MS System,  the ‘brains’ of the PUB-BREWER RIMS SYSTEM includes an excellent controller and a highly developed electronic heat exchanger.

SABCO has been building RIMS systems since 1990.  Some competitor designs depend upon the continuous pulsing of a propane burner to maintain heat.  Brew-Magic methodology seeks to eliminate heat layering effects of such burners.  Propane bottles aren’t getting any cheaper! The new RIMS-WIZARD for 2013,  quietly adjusts your mash temperature precisely to achieve your desired target while the burner remains off.  SABCO’s onboard stainless heat exchanger delivers slow, electronic heat without inflicting wort damage or possible caramelization effects.  Without the use of your expensive gas fuel, it tunes your wort to the precision and accuracy of  0.5  degree F.  Also, RIMS-WIZARD moves wort without aeration (HSA) effects, then adjusts the heat gently and slowly to satisfy your programmed target temperature.     Temperature is blended uniformly as it descends through your grainbed without stirring.  The grain becomes a static filter bed and clarifies within a perfectly balanced, temperature-tuned  mash environment.RIMS-WIZARD utilizes an excellent Class A  RTD,  temperature sensor.  These instruments are typically used to calibrate temperature gauges.

RIMS-WIZARD is also portable at only 23 lbs.,  sanitary and completely CIP (clean-in-place) convenient,  and comes totally pre-assembled.   That means no wires, pumps, parts, support brackets, burner ignition switches, plugs, nuts,bolts, etc., like most competitor offerings.   Pick it up easily and store it on a shelf for your next brew session!  Watch the following video to see the new RIMS-WIZARD in action!

SABCO’s mash outlet assembly is included with this system and allows coordination of both mash and HLT flow to the RIMS-WIZARD and likewise the flow of wort from Mash to Boil.   This system also includes 3 stainless, LP (propane) burners.   Use the single pump on the Rims-Wizard,  by placing the boil kettle at a lower level than the mash to allow gravity filling.  You won’t need a 2nd pump for this configuration.   Call or email with questions.  419-531-5347  /

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  • Below find the component list for the ‘PUB-BREWER’ RIMS SYSTEM:

  • Brew-Magic Boil Kettle
  • Brew-Magic HLT Kettle
  • Brew-Magic Mash Kettle with Temp gauge
  • 3x Sanitary Ball Valves
  • 4x Tri-Clamp Connector Hoses – 5 ft.
  • Tri-Clamp Elbow
  • 2x Tri-Clamp Kits
  • Mash Outlet Assembly
  • 3x Stainless Kettle Burners
  • RIMS Wizard System, 115v

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