Micro-Brewer RIMS System

The 'MICRO-BREWER'-RIMS System by SABCO, incorporates the excellent Brew-Magic methodologies that are literally teaching the world to brew. Add to this the same commercial duty brewing frame, and kettles to round out the package. Be prepared for convenience and precision brewing!



SABCO’s ‘Micro-Brewer’  RIMS (recirculating) System,  steps up the level of convenience by introducing the original BREW-MAGIC frame along with the versatile sanitary mash outlet to coordinate wort flow to and from the mash.   The attached flow diagram demonstrates why this configuration is so popular for pub pilot usage. RIMS wort flow management, heating, and portability are just some of the Micro-Brewer RIMS system advantages.

  • SABCO’s BREW-MAGIC frame is a commercial low pressure design.  You will be able to choose between either propane (LP), or Natural Gas (NG) setup.
  • The high temperature pump is the rugged March 815 SS with an all stainless pump housing.
  • The pump is equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) for your safety ( USA only). You may also choose the 220v pump version for use in other countries.
  • The Micro-Brewer RIMS system includes sanitary brewer hosing for all transfers.
  • Other than the screw-in casters, the frame arrives fully assembled. . . simple hose connections to pump and kettles will quickly get you in action.  You won’t receive a do-it yourself box of frame parts, nuts, bolts and support brackets.
  • All deck plates are solid stainless and removable for easy cleanup.
  • 3 valve gas plumbing is pre-installed and pre-fired for safety and dependability.
  • Heavy-duty stainless casters allow you to roll your system to your brewing location,  then quickly roll it out of the way when your done.
  • All kettles are designed from the same ones that you’ll find on our flagship BREW-MAGIC V350MS Brewery.  (see attached photos). All have sanitary, brewer-preferred, tri-clamp connections.   This includes all disconnect points including the 3 inch dial temp. gauge, site-glass, inlets and outlets.  Heavy skirting top and bottom protect the kettles for rugged use.
  • Built in handles make moving easy.
  • SABCO does NOT use bulk-head fittings which require extra cleaning.    Once again, all outlets use industry accepted sanitary welded fittings.   Buy a system that improves your current standard and your skill level will improve as well.The Micro-Brewer RIMS System is a superb layout with flexibility.
  • SABCO’s mash outlet assembly is included with this system and: allows coordination of both mash and HLT flow to the pump and likewise the flow of wort from Mash to Boil.
  • Includes a 1/4″ diameter tube-connector and cap, for use now or in the future with an RTD or thermocouple probe.  This orientation will beautifully place the probe directly into your circulating wort stream.

Ideally, add the RIMS-WIZARD when your pocketbook will allow for amazing temperature control . . . or take a look at the ‘PRO-BREWER’ RIMS System right now.  The final step up of course would be the BREW-MAGIC V350MS System.   But even if you should determine it to be out of reach at the moment.. rest assured that the methodologies used throughout the entire SABCO series of RIMS systems, all share the same smart BREW-MAGIC concept.

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Brew With The Best!

The Micro-Brewer RIMS System comes equipped with all of the following great components:

  • Brew-Magic Mash Kettle
  • Brew-Magic Boil Kettle
  • Brew-Magic HLT Kettle
  • SABCO exclusive Mash Outlet Assembly – TC and  temp. probe ready.
  • Heat resistant brewer pump  (TC adapted)
  • SS sanitary design ball-valves
  • Tri-Clamp Elbow
  • FDA Brewer Hosing with Tri-Clamp connections
  • Brew-Magic Frame ( LP or NG gas ) (click to view)
  • 3″ dial thermometers on all kettles.
  • Stainless drip proof Kettle Lids

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